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Primalec is a trading name of R J Doran & Co Ltd., established in 1981. The business has been producing inspection products for more than 26 years, and has been involved in the design and production of ultra violet light sources since 1987.

Our ultra violet products are used to detect leaks in motor vehicle engines, cooling, fuel, hydraulic and air conditioning systems, and also to cure adhesives and resins. We also supply the commercial air conditioning industry.

glo-leak-land-rover 1995-1-500sq.jpgSince 1987, we have developed our range of uv-fluorescent tracer fluids under the now famous Glo-Leak brand. We were Europe’s first company to specialise in this field, and we supply several leading vehicle manufacturing plants as well as aftermarket distributors in many parts of the world. 




USX1 Ultrasonic test

primalecfra2014-7-buringthemidnightoilaftertheshow copy.jpgnitrotrace-kit-ac2312-500sq.jpgPrimalec now produces ultrasonic inspection devices, ultraviolet light sources, uv-fluorescent leak detection fluids, inspection tools, including endoscopes, bore inspectors, inspection lamps and mirrors.




Oring and valve kit

medway-uv.jpgairco seal install.jpgOur expertise in air conditioning also makes us a natural source for your needs in leak detection & repair, A/C sanitising, A/C flushing & retro-fit products, A/C lubricants, as well as for many routine valves and fittings.