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NEW The Primalec USX - Ultrasonic technology that makes the inaudible audible
USX-1 is the NEW "Engine Ear" from Primalec.
A valuable addition to every engineer's diagnostic equipment, the Primalec USX-1 has a wide range of diagnostic uses. It helps you to detect: Most mechanical faults and failures start out as very small defects or leaks. Such faults emit a high pitched noise as ultrasonic waves, which are beyond the range of the human ear. As the faults get more serious the noise gets more intense, the sound wavelength increases and enters the audible range. At that stage, the damage is already done. Better to detect the noise before you can hear it.

Primalec's new USX-1 "hears the ultrasonic noise and reconverts it to an audible sound via earphones. That allows you to detch faults and leaks in time for preventive maintenance.
Mechanical Wear
Bearings, shafts, gears, cam and tappet assemblies
Leaks in pressurised systems
Refrigeration and air conditioning
Compressed air
Vacuum leaks
Electrical discharge due to insulation breakdown
Cracks and leaks in containers, door seals, vehicle bodywork, etc.
Get early warning of impending problems
Great for preventive maintenance
Ultrasonic Leak & Fault Detector Set, inc instrument, flexible extension probe, headset, 9v battery and aluminium carrying case
Ultrasonic Transmitter for USX1