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Auto & Commercial
The standard for automotive air conditioning. Also ideal for smaller AC&R systems.
250ml -50 dose bottle
Glo-leak Concertina Cartridge
For Automotive A/C
Lower concentration than Glo-Leak 384, requiring 7.5ml per 250ml of lubricant, but still stronger than some rival products.

A unique combination of ingredients, engineered to give the brightest fluorescence with all common refrigerants, with any A/C lubricant, and using any reasonably good UVA or UV+Blue tracer lamp.

For nearly 20 years Glo-Leak has been the quickest, simplest, most cost effective way to pinpoint the presence and source of even the smallest refrigerant leaks. With today’s confusing array of competitive products on the market, you need to know that you are getting the right quality and value. That is why we have set the Glo-Leak standard.

One Dose of Glo-Leak for A/C is the amount you need to treat one air conditioner containing 250-300ml of compressor lubricant, using any reasonably good UVA or UV+Blue tracer lamp. One dose is enough for all but the largest car A/Cs. And when you use a high quality Primalec tracer lamp to fluoresce the Glo-Leak, you get even better results.

250ml - 33-dose bottle
Pack of 12 x 7.5ml
2 X Concentration
Suitable for larger AC&R systems and for use with mini-dose injectors, such as Glo-Gun or AC2166
250ml - 100-dose bottle with measure
24-dose Cartridge for Glo-Gun
GLOLEAK Fluid needed per 250 - 300ml compressor
Larger AC&R
With a mineral oil lubricant fill of 1 litre or more.
250ml dispenser bottle with measure
1 litre bottle with dispenser