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2015 Primalec Product Guide
 AC&R Lubricants White Paper
 Primalec Anglo-Turkish leaflet
 Primalec Anglo-Arabic leaflet

 UV Lamps  E-Call FIGIEFA video
    Piranha TDS  
    Mercury TDS  
 Leak Detection  
   UV-Leaktronic (EN-DE)  
 Leak Sealing and repair  
    AircoSeal Pro (EN-DE)  
 ExtraCool and A/C Lubricants  
    Airco Breeze (EN-DE-FR)  
 Temperature Measurement  
 Compressor & Recycle guard  
 Retro Pro (EN-DE)  
 AircoFlush (EN-DE-FR)  
 Super Change brochure
 Super Change FAQs