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Primalec publishes Lubricants White Paper E-mail

ACR Lubricants White Paper

A new White Paper on AC&R  lubrication is available now

We all know that car air conditioners contain two fluids: a

refrigerant, and a lubricating oil for the compressor. We also know

that the oil needs to be miscible with the circulating refrigerant, to

provide proper lubrication throughout the system. But,

- Can I use a PAG oil with a hybrid vehicle?
- What is the difference between PAG and POE?
- What is a PAO, and why is it not approved by any of the VMs?
- Do different refrigerants need different oil types?
- How much compressor oil does a typical car need?
- Does it matter if I put in too much?
- When should the oil be changed?


This highly informative new White Paper on Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Lubricants, helps to

clear some of the fog surrounding the technology.

The White Paper explains why in future, technicians will need to be more precise about both the quantity and the quality of

refrigerant and oil in the system.