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NitroTrace NitroTrace - Pressure testing for leaks

NitroTrace allows you to leak test air conditioning and refrigeration systems using pressurised tracer gas. It lets you indentify the presence  which can be for leaks using both gauges - to identify the presence of a leak, and an electronic leak sensor - to locate the source of the leak.

The use of dry Oxygen Free Nitrogen (OFN) is a well established and recommended medium for pressure testing air conditioning and refrigeration
systems. By observing the drop in pressure on a test gauge it is possible to verify if there is a leak, but not where the leak is located.

NitroTrace allows the location of the leak to be pin pointed as well, because of its Hydrogen additive. Hydrogen has the smallest atom of all gases, and will leak through he tiniest of leak sources. It also enables the leak to be located by the use of a special Electronic leak tester, which is sensitive to hydrogen and other combustible gases (Leaktronic H ref AC2160H is available separately).


Two standard kits are offered. AC2314 Nitro-Trace for Automotice A/C, with its has a 10 bar regulator is designed to meet the requirements of SAE Standard J2790, and also includes an R134a service coupler.

AC2314 Nitro-Trace for AC&R has a high pressure (50 bar) regulator to allow for the higher operating pressures in static refrigeration systems.

Nitro-Trace gas is offered in non-refillable 1 litre cylinders, and in a choice of kits. The individual kit components - regulators, hoses and adapters are also available separately.