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Super Change for Easier R22 Retrofit E-mail

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SUPER CHANGE makes for fast and easy change from R22, and other mineral or alkylbenzene lubricated systems, to all HFC refrigerants, including POE based R407C

and R410a.


By linking mineral and alkybenzene oils to any HFC refrigerant the need for a complete oil change and flush can be reduced or eliminated, saving much time and expense.

Super Change creates a strong compatibility link between HFC refrigerants and the mineral and alkylbenzene oils used in R22 systems. The retrofit requires no changes of oil, gaskets or o-rings, so eliminates compressor downtime.

Super Change benefits include:




  • reduces or eliminates the need for flushing the lines
  • boosts efficiency and extends compressor life
  • boosts oil return and heat transfer
  • reduces oil logging in long lines
  • reduces corrosion risk and restores lubricant to original condition by removing water and oxygen
  • renovates components by eliminating moisture
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