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Most mechanical faults and failures start out as very small defects or leaks. Such faults emit a high pitched noise as ultrasonic waves, which are beyond the range of the human ear. As the faults get more serious the noise gets more intense, the sound wavelength increases and enters the audible range. At that stage, the damage is already done. Better to detect the noise before you can hear it.

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USX1 jules checking manifold usv1-action-1.gif

uv-sonic2.jpgUV-Sonic adds a valuable dimension to bodywork leak finding.
Combine ultrasonic with Glo-Leak 1396, and you’ll be sure to catch
all the leaks.
Place the fixed frequency ultrasonic transmitter inside the vehicle.
Scan externally with the probe all possible sources of moisture, air
or dust ingress from outside the vehicle, and listen though the
headphones for rapid beeping.
The UV Sonic set in its aluminium case includes:
• USV-1 fixed frequency ultrasonic leak tester
• INV2020CV UV inspection torch
• GL1396A 250ml Glo-Leak for water rainwater leaks


Primalec's USX-1 is currently out of production.

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