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 Invictalux is a modular visual inspection system for professional engineers, technicians and quality controllers, forensic and security officers - anyone who needs to take a closer look at anything. Available in white  light and UV light. The bore and cavity inspector has a fibre optic light guide and a magnifier which allows you to see inside small bores, and inside small component - perfect for quality control inspections.

We also produce more powerful UV light sources in the UVA spectrum: UV-365 torch and Quadra; Mercury; Piranha; and Medway.  And we offer a compact range of useful torches and worklights.

5-1-inv2020w-ws.jpgbore viewer 3.jpg5-2-cl11112-12pack.jpginivtalux interchangeable1.jpg5-3-cl24458.jpg12 INV in use.jpg

  piranha lamp copy.jpgmedway-uv.jpg1-1-uv4065.jpg







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