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NitroTrace E-mail

NitroTrace NitroTrace - Pressure testing for leaks

NitroTrace allows you to leak test air conditioning and refrigeration systems using pressurised tracer gas. It lets you indentify the presence  which can be for leaks using both gauges - to identify the presence of a leak, and an electronic leak sensor - to locate the source of the leak.

New 365nm UV light sources E-mail

 Primalec has launched two new cordless UVA light sorces, both using advanced solid state technology, and both are rechargeable.

UV-365UVA torch is a single chip light with a narrow spot reflector. It goves up to 25,000 microwatts of UV at a distance of 38cm (15 inches). Small enough to fit in a pocket or the supplied belt pouch, it requires no bulb replacement, as its expected life is 30,000 continuous hours.

UV-365 Quadra has a four chip light source with the addition of a white light. Quadra uses the same the UV light source same technology as the Torch, but gives a broader beam of UV light at 365nm.


uv4165-uva-midlight battery 2.png 



3 great new inspection/work lamps E-mail

Primalec now offer the Clipstrip and the 33-LED pivoting magnetic worklight and torch from Cliplight, as well as a new long reach flexible magnetic pick-up tool and torch.

5-2-cl11112.jpg 5-2-cl11112-12pack.jpg5-3-cl24458.jpg5-4-cl300open.jpg








Clipstrip (CL11112) is a really useful and incredibly bright strip LED torc. Use it as a work light, a ightlight, an emergency light or for camping, hunting, car repair or anything lse you can think of. Keep one in your car glove box, your bedside drawer, esk drawer, even your top pocket. Fantastic value for money.

The magnetic base of the CL24458 pivoting worklight fixes to any ferrous metal surface, so you can point the light from its 28 LEDs to where you want it nd work hands free. Five more LEDs on the top provide a torch light.

The CL300 is a long reach pick-up tool with a magnet on the light end. Its telescopic handle converts the pocket sized torch into a 1/2 metre long pick-up tool  with a goose-neck flexible end that bends around corners.

See page 5 of our 2014 catalogue.