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New Leak detector

usv1-1a200px.jpgThe Primalec USV1 is a fixed frequency ultrasonic leak tester which finds air, dust and water leaks around windscreens, door seals and boot lids


Being inexpensive, small and portable this instrument now makes it feasible to check, quickly and easily, for air, dust and rain water leaks after every windscreen repair or replacement. This also makes USV1 a valuable diagnostic tool whenever a customer complains of water leaks or air noise from the car.

USV1 ultrasonic leak detector is intended for use by all motor car, truck and bus workshops, body repair shops, windscreen fitment and repair centres, refrigerated vehicle and container specialists, as well as sealed containers and cylinders


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OEM leak detection
It’s not just government departments that leak. 

035crouch copy.jpgIvor Matanle looks at the growing use by manufacturers of in-built leak detection

Nobody who manufactures vehicles, cranes, earth-moving equipment or any other machine containing oils, water or other fluids likes to admit to the possibility that one day, just possibly, their products might spring a leak.

Benefits of leak detection to motor industry


Mention fault diagnosis to almost anyone concerned with vehicle engineering, and their mind flies instantly to advanced electronics.

Sealants in air-conditioning systems
When in doubt, blame the sealant.

Ivor Matanle explains rumours and counter rumours that are doing the trade no good.

Vehicle air conditioning has now been around for long enough in Europe for there to be plenty of middle-aged air-conditioned vehicles of comparatively low value on the road.

Where we are located
Primalec is now located at:
Green Farm. Maidstone Road, Nettlestead Green, Nr. MAIDSTONE,  Kent ME18 5HD,  England.
Telephone: +44 (0)1622 816955  Fax: +44 (0)1622 816110
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USX1 Ultrasonic video guide
NEW The Primalec USX - Ultrasonic technology that makes the inaudible audible. USX-1 is the NEW "Engine Ear" from Primalec...