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New Solar powered digital thermometer

ac2240s-thermom-in-vent.jpgNew Solar powered digital thermometer

- no need to renew batteries

This new solar powered thermometer measures temperature to within 1°C of accuracy. Its 1 inch screen - 25mm x 12.5mm - is clear and easy to read, and its 125mm (6 inch) long stainless probe is just right to fit into the air vents of a vehicle, but is equally at home as a kitchen (or Bar-B-Q) thermometer.



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New UV light sources - 365nm and 405nm
Our new Glo-Leak dispensing bottles with 25ml graduated measuring chamber
Our extended range of AircoLube A/C lubricants with their new moisture barrier bottles
Nitro-Trace tracer gas leak testing systems
Windscreen repair UV lamps
New worklights plus from Cliplight
Superseal Advanced and Super Change for R22 conversions
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Producers of Visual, Ultra violet and Ultrasonic inspection, Leak detection, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration service tools and consumables.

Primalec col.jpgGlo-Leak UV-fluorescent leak detection products, and Primalec UV and Invictalux inspection products, Nitro-Trace, Airco-Lube, AircoSeal, RetroPro and other Airco branded products for the service of vehicle and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration.

We provide the means to diagnose, locate and prevent fluid leakage.

We make A/C systems cool the air faster, work better, last longer